Exterior Outer space
Our cooperative is located in the neighborhood of La Bordeta, outside of Lleida, in a setting surrounded by trees and orchards.
Aparcament Parking
Space for parking, with ample parking for our customers and staff.
Administració Administration
The administrative sector of the company is comprised of a sales manager, a financial and administrative director.
Àrea tècnica ADV Technical area ADV
The agronomist recommends all phytosanitary controls, both central and field. Also your competition all controls and traceability systems of quality (Integrated Production EUEP-GAP ®).
Nau de descàrrega Ship unloading
Site intended for loading and unloading of trucks 4,900 m2.
Càmera de refrigeració Freezer cabin
We have a shipment of 100 tons freezer cabin connected to the loading docks.
Zona de treball Work area
The warehouse consists of 1000m2 of manufacturing a mail sorting machine for 5 tons / hour for all types of clothing such as Bulk Layer 2, Layer 1, bushel, Bag, 10 × 1, 4 × 2, etc. They work between 20 and 40 packaging plants, seasonal, supervised by a responsible quality.
Zona de càmeres Freezer cabin area
We have 15 freezer cabin in A.C. of different capacities between 100 tons and 400 tons.